Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Book of Hims by Ng Yi-Sheng

This is a fascinating book which is a compilation of the different men who'd been significant in the author's life - current and past lovers, mentors, authority and religious figures and more. 

I really enjoyed the poem referencing various quotes from the late Lee Kuan Yew. It reads very different from the person he was but yet the words were all completely from him. (Hint: The poem reads a little bit sado-masochistic. Very cool.) Check out my YouTube video below for a brief preview.

The riffs on Jesus was interesting too considering that the author doesn't identify as a Christian. But they really resonated.

I thought the transliterated Tang poems were an interesting addition. I recognised 3 out of the 7 and thought that was a great accomplishment. Though I must say that one must have both the background of Chinese literature and the ability to "hear" the transliteration to properly appreciate them.

61 was pretty cool too, a reference to bus 61 which was a #SingPoWriMo prompt. For the uninitiated, SingPoWriMo is a yearly event properly known as the Singapore Poetry Writing Month where a bunch of people come together on Facebook to write a bunch of poems following the prompt of the day. It's great fun and a couple of poems from this collection were part of that effort.

It's a pretty good collection of poems, just a tiny bit uneven at times, but not bad nonetheless. I like the experiments with the sonnets and ghazals. Pretty nice to see meter (which I adore). 

If you enjoyed my review, you can get the book from Books Actually by clicking here.

Here's my YouTube review:

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