Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saving the Bible from Ourselves by Glenn R. Paauw

The basic premise of this book is simple: The Bible's form has been corrupted by human hands and we are today unable to read the Bible as it was originally read by the 1st century believers. Our Christianity has been shaped by cut up verses and is suffering as a result. The solution? Reintroduce the Elegant Bible sans verse and chapter numbers once more.

I found this an immediately captivating read from the get go.

As someone who'd been involved in Bible publishing for the past twenty years, Paauw noticed a disturbing trend on the rise: Christians and even churches tend to dole out Bible McNuggets instead of serving a proper, full-fledged feast from our favourite book.

The biggest takeaway I had from this book was the importance of reading the Bible as a whole. When dissected and taken apart, one can read anything he or she wishes from it. One would tend to cherry pick one's favourite verses and ignore the rest. The form of the Bible affects the Christianity we practice. When sliced and spliced, we have a dried and cut up, distilled faith that is far from nourishing and distant from the purposes of the original authors.

Learn about how chapter and verse numbers came to be and why they are detrimental to the reading of the Bible. Learn about how the Bible should be read and how you can appreciate its nuances.
I did find the middle part of the book to be a tad heavy and slightly draggy, but that only lasted for two chapters.

It was to my extreme delight that there was a viable alternative suggested by the author and I will soon order it.

I would recommend all Christians to read this book in order to gain a better understanding of the Bible you are reading and how you can get more out of it.

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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