Sunday, October 29, 2017

Binge by Tyler Oakley

I've been a Tyler Oakley fan since approximately 2 years ago and when I learnt that he wrote a book, I absolutely had to get it.

So after a long year that was 2016, I rewarded myself with my favourite Christmas present - Binge.
This was a fantastic read. It's a sorta memoir, interspersed with nostalgic photos and never-ending sass. It's funny, witty, and altogether Tyler Oakley.

My favourite chapters were:

The Gay Chapter - in which he shares how his friend outed him, how he honed a technique he used to come out to his friends, and how he dealt with his homophobic Christian father.

Thotry of My Life - in which he expounds on how it feels like discovering he has a lisp.

What Michelle Obama Smells Like - in which he talks about how it was like preparing for the interview with the former First Lady and the hilarious mad comedy it was.

I finished the book within a week as it was an easy read and I tried to pace myself so that I could savour the amazing and revealing stories for as long as I could.

I'd encourage every Tyler Oakley fan to get this book. It's BRILLIANT and 110% unabashed Tyler Oakley.

You've slayed it Tyler!

Grab your copy here today!

Check out the YouTube book review where I give away a free copy of Binge to a lucky viewer! (Contest ends 14 February 2017. Good luck!)

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