Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gone Case by Dave Chua and Koh Hong Teng

I first heard about Gone Case either through a friend, or perhaps reading about it online in an article, I can't remember. What I do remember is that when I saw it at Kinokuniya, I thought it might be a good read, so I bought it.

As far as graphic novels go, this isn't the prettiest of them. But underneath the ordinary characters lie a poignant story about a boy about to sit for his PSLE, how his life played out between his playful friend, his grandmother, and his parents.

Set in the HDB heartlands, this is a read that will probably resonate with many Singaporeans.

The black and white illustrations and accompanying plot were so plain I stopped reading after a couple of pages when I first started.

However, when one ploughs on, we discover a story that tugs at your heartstrings, probably because it could have been a story that is easily one's own.

I liked the part when the main character was made prefect, his actions would have been my own had I been made a prefect when I was younger.

I must say although I didn't take to the book in the beginning, I began to appreciate Koh's drawings as I continued through the book. He has managed to capture Singapore pretty accurately, in both the good and (sometimes) ugly sides of it.

I think this would be a graphic novel that would be an interesting read for most Singaporeans, and would also offer a glimpse of local life for foreigners.

Pick up your copy today!

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