Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling

What would you do with 20% off Math Paper Press titles? Buy the book the owner's been talking about all the time! And that's just what I did.

I finished this easy-to-read book in 2 days. It is one interesting read. Although it started somewhat abruptly (didn't know what was going on, how they got in that locked room etc), the subsequent story flowed along rather nicely like a sweet bubbling stream.

I must say that that I loved the talking cat and kind Horbo (I'll let you find out what creature the latter is yourself). I wished I had a cat that could speak to me. In any case, I loved the food presented in the book. It goes without saying that I've not read a children's fantasy book that mentioned Nasi Lemak or Milo. It was a pleasant surprise. Authors should include more food in their novels. Helps me remember them.

The book is about Min Rui and her younger sister, Chloe, who both journey across fantastical lands and battle fearsome monsters together with two helpful companions. 

The handful of typos were a little disappointing. Not many, perhaps about 5 in the entire book, but still jarring nonetheless. 

Would have also loved to see more illustrations. The wonderful Stephanie Raphaela Ho drew the lovely pictures contained within the book and they were whimsical yet full of life. I'm sure kids will love the temporary tattoos and coloured stickers that come bundled together with the book.

In any case, it would make a great gift for young kids and even for older ones like me. I already know who I'm gonna buy an extra copy to gift to.

Can't wait for Volume 2!

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