Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rollercoasters & Bedsheets: An Anthology of Sex in Minutes edited by Charlene Shepherdson and Muslim Sahib

This is my first time reading poetry of such a genre so this was quite an interesting experience.

In the preface, the editors behind this anthology explained that they wanted to use poetry "as a means to explore sex and erotica" as they felt that "sex in the media is often portrayed as a deed done quick and dirty, and the real-life issues around communication, power play and consent are often unaddressed".

The collection of poems was of somewhat uneven quality, but reading it made for a generally pleasant and sometimes surprising encounter. 

Jerrold Yam, as usual, does not disappoint and "Doorbell" was really good.

I really, really, really liked "daddy issues" by Marylyn Tan which was using BDSM to express one's feelings about the authoritarian state that is Singapore. I thought that that was very clever.

The experimental pieces were quite interesting and many poems played with space and enjambment. I thought some were pretty good but some were a little strange.

This is neither an anthology of erotic nor sensual poetry, and neither did the editors didn't claim that it was. But the title certainly suggested so and I was a little disappointed.

However, this is indeed "an anthology of sex in minutes" as professed in the title and I would say that the editors have certainly achieved, through this book, their aim of promoting conversation about the often taboo topic of sex. At least it did for me among my friends when I showed them what I was reading (They usually smiled to themselves upon seeing the title and then flipped curiously through. No other book I've showed them have achieve this effect.)

I'm sure this will definitely be an interesting book to add to your collection and you should probably get it for yourself if only to "possess the vocabulary" to articulate your feelings on "the realm of sex which is rollercoaster of passion, emotions, and lust" as mentioned at the beginning of this book.

Check out this book at the bookshop, Books Actually, at the district that is Tiong Bahru, or order it online from Pillow Books Media or at Amazon for my American and international readers.


Disclaimer: The editor sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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