Saturday, December 19, 2015

Equatorial Sunshine by Wong Su Ann

When I first tried Equatorial Sunshine, I drank it neat and it was so-so. The second time round, I paired it with Evanescence's first album, Fallen, and the progressive metal really brought out the vanilla notes in the poetry, making the entire experience a more enjoyable one. 

Wong Su Ann's first collection certainly feels like one. It is rather uneven, with some stellar pieces and others that are "meh". 

I heard from someone at Ethos that it sells really well in secondary schools in Singapore with the majority of buyers being teenage girls. 

I can see why. Just as Lang Leav has her fans, Wong Su Ann is likely to appeal to young Singaporean girls with the bulk of the content comprising love, or rather, breakup poems. 

I found the prose poems much better than the free verse. She also included a number of pieces by some of her friends which struck me as rather odd because I didn't quite see how they fit in. But to each his (or her) own I guess. 

Well, this would make a good gift if you'd like to introduce a young girl to some simple poetry. However, as it is rather lightweight, do make sure your recipient is not a big fan of Literature or else your present might backfire. 

You can order your copy online at Ethos Books. 

Disclaimer: The publisher sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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