Friday, August 21, 2015

Tender Delirium by Tania De Rozario

This is the first book of poetry that has gripped me from the get-go. I first heard about Tania De Rozario when I attended a poetry workshop conducted by Cyril Wong. He waxed lyrical about her and I was intrigued.

And so, when I chanced upon this copy at the local library, I did not think twice about borrowing it.

I have no regrets.

The poetry and prose here is raw emotion mixed with heart-rending truths of reality. This book stands as a stalk of rose complete with thorns - stunning and dangerous.

My favourite is a toss-up between "What type do you like?" and After Sappho.

What I found really interesting was Onnen, and here is one third of the entire poem:

It's great isn't it?

Well, this is mainly a book of confessional poetry with a dash of prose thrown in for good measure. It is a bit of a reflection of the author's life, but the themes are universal. But if you know me personally, you'd probably know why this book spoke to me so much.

A warning for the homophobic reader: This is not for you. Do not borrow/buy it.

I believe this book is available at the Books Actually store in Tiong Bahru and can be also purchased online.


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