Friday, August 7, 2015

Scattered Vertebrae by Jerrold Yam

Scattered Vertebrae is Singaporean poet’s Jerrold Yam’s second collection but my first encounter with him. It is haunting and beautiful, a surprising work for someone so young.

I picked up his book from Clementi Public Library after discovering him on Instagram.

My favourite was Psalm.

I guess it resonated with me because it was part gay, and part Christian; part tortured youth, and part (un)willing member of a family. It’s quite complex really, and his poems are like flowers in a garden, differently coloured, some vulgar, some intricately shaped, and altogether refreshing.

All his other poems are just like this one, full of meaning and brimming with interesting expressions. 

I’d urge those exploring Singapore poetry to pick this title up. It will definitely be a breath of fresh air.


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