Sunday, July 5, 2015

Transience by Timothy Joshua

If you've never read much poetry, you might wanna check out this lovely book of poetry by an aspiring Singaporean writer, Timothy Joshua. A hit on Instagram, @timoteijosh has nearly 11,000 followers appreciating his one-of-a-kind, bittersweet love poems. 

As an Instagram poet, the poems are understandably minimalist. That however, does not take away the power of his words. 

Here's one of my favourite:

This book is a reflection of his Instagram handle and was quite a quick read. Flipping through it brought a smile to my face. Poetry has never quite done that to me before. Perhaps it was because it was so relatable. 

The book is arranged in 5 sections with each section being introduced by a lovely illustration and an accompanying short text. A love story that ends somewhat sadly is slowly unravelled through the pages. It had a rather nice and complete end to it. Apart from Cyril Wong's After You, this is the second book of love poems that doesn't make me cringe, and one that I quite enjoyed reading.

A quick check on the author's webpage tells us that:
I believe that poetry is the art of stringing words like velvet to provide a blanket of solace through our darkest nights – nights which we all have. In return, I hope to spread my words further and to hear people’s voices, and hopefully see that my words could somehow heal their brokenness. 

Well, if you're in love, and especially if you're out of love, do get this awesome book that will certainly speak to you.

Those interested can order his book at an affordable $16 (without shipping) at his etsy page.

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