Friday, July 10, 2015

The best of Kirpal Singh by Kirpal Singh

I picked up this book at the Singapore Collection section of Clementi Public Library as I was browsing one day. 

It's an excellent read. 

How is it that I've never read Kirpal Singh until now, I don't know. But I enjoy his poetry very, very much. 

They range from the tragic:

To the quirky yet thought-provoking:

I loved some poems so much I copied them into a notebook I bought so as to enjoy them after returning this gem of a book. 

Of course, there were some, especially the ones he wrote as a tribute to his friends that I didn't quite get. But they were pretty nice nonetheless. 

All I can say is, for the lover of Singaporean poetry, go grab this book by Kirpal Singh and like me, you might just wanna continue with his other collections. 


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