Sunday, July 19, 2015

Emergence - Labeled Autistic by Temple Grandin and Magaret M. Scariano

This book is an autobiography of Temple Grandin, a person who was labelled autistic when she was a little kid but grew up and overcame the obstacles that came with the diagnosis.

We get a glimpse into her life as an autistic child and the challenges that came with it, including bullying, difficulty in finding a suitable school, a desire to be touched yet flinching when hugged. 

It is an educational experience reading this. I find myself wondering how she got through life the way she did. And I am very grateful for her explanations and illustrations that helped me understand the mind of an autistic person.

She did point out that everyone's experience is different and hers is not a cookie cutter story that one can apply to all as everyone is made differently. But there are definitely things to be learnt.

I would recommend this book to everyone in general, but especially those that may have a friend or family member who is autistic or on the spectrum and wishes to know more, to understand, and to help that someone.

Happy reading!

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