Sunday, May 10, 2015

The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert - an English professor's journey into Christian faith by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield's

I was very surprised when this book was delivered to my door just this Friday. I was expecting it at the end of the month, but barely a week and a half after ordering it from Holland Christian Books, here it was! I was very impressed with their speed. 

And just as quickly, I finished reading the book. It took me a day and a half. I was just a tad disappointed, wanting to learn more about how the author converted to the Christian faith after more than a decade as an out lesbian and an activist. But it was just about a chapter long. I guess she must have felt that what she had written was sufficient. And perhaps it is. 

We learn about Pastor Ken Smith must have been a God appointed angel specially placed in her life who broke every stereotype she had of a Christian. And led by the Holy Spirit, she engaged her for a year without inviting her to his church, which she admitted, would have scared her off. 

So as she studied the Bible and conversed with Pastor Ken and his wife, she gradually grew to discover how real God is and He became an undeniable part of her life. 

The following chapters deal with life after she came out as a Christian and abandoned her lesbian identity. Her professional life took a hit as she was an advisor to the university's LGBT group and also taught Queer Theory. Subsequently, she was engaged and had her heart broken as that engagement was broken. Later on, she moved to a different state, taught, and fell in love again. She got married, and adopted kids, forming a transracial family with Kent Butterfield. 

I felt that she was sometimes too harsh on evangelical churches, painting them all with the same brush. It might be that some might be shallow like she described, but I'm sure that not all of them are. I like to think that the one I belong to isn't. 

In any case, it's an interesting read. However, for those who are expecting a detailed account of her conversion, you might be a little let down. It is however, a journey into the Christian faith like she described and she most certainly welcomes all who're willing to walk alongside her. 

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