Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let me tell you something about that night by Cyril Wong

This book caught my eye at the library and so I borrowed it. If I had to summarize what it's about, I'd say it reads like a "Neil Gaiman lite" but that doesn't do it true justice. 

Set largely in Singapore, local readers will be able to identify with the setting and characters. However, the many short stories of fantastical tales have gay protagonists which is quite a refreshing and unsettling change to other short stories I've read. 

This is certainly not a book to be read to little kids as the author rightly warns in the front book flap. Unlike regular fairytales, these stories are much darker and not as straightforward. One is also sometimes left hanging, which is a great literary device, just that younger readers might not take to it easily.  

The strange and wonderful illustrations at the start of certain short tales by also add colour to the them. 

This collection of stories is most suitable for train or bus rides as you can finish one story at the end of your commute (unless you have an impossibly short trip to make). These stories are quite addictive and I ended up finishing the book in a single day. Keep 'em coming Cyril!


  1. Hello Rachel, thanks for this lovely review of Cyril's book.

    I thought to share that Ethos Books had also published the second edition of this book (with a new cover), and it's available at this link for anyone interested to read his book:

    I see that you are also an avid Sing Lit reader and we would be more than happy to support you if you'd ever have interest to review current/future Ethos titles, pls just drop us a note. I'd also like to thank you for your reviews of "A Philosopher's Madness" and "Singapore Siu Dai" which were published by Ethos as well. :)

    As a follow up and to say thank you for your reviews, we'll be happy to send you "The Sound of SCH" by Danielle Lim, this book touches on the similar theme of Schizophrenia as to "A Philosopher's Madness", but from the caregiver's perspective instead. More info at:

    and also "Singapore Siu Dai 2: The SG Conversation Upsize!" by Felix Cheong .

    Welcome to drop me an email if you have interest.

    Ethos Books

  2. Thank you so much Adeleena, I'll send you an email. :)