Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A luxury we cannot afford - An Anthology of Singapore Poetry edited by Christine Chia and Joshua Ip

After I picked up this book at Books Actually, a quick flip told me I had to get it. It was after all, a tribute to the most famous of our founding fathers - Lee Kuan Yew. Although it must be noted that the authors take special care not to mention his name. None of the 56 poems do, not even the Foreword which was written superbly by Gwee Li Sui. 

As with any anthology, there were a couple of poems that bewildered me. Multiple readings still left them opaque. It was quite frustrating to say the least. 

But the beautiful poetry that I could understand more than made up for those. I have a couple of favourites.

I would advise every Singaporean, and those interested in all things Singapore, to get this book and savour it. 

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