Monday, February 16, 2015

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #2 - What happened to Planet Q? by Melanie Lee

So I sped through the second book in this series to see if the Squirky was able to find his birth parents. (Check out the first book in the series - Why am I blue? in an earlier review.) And I was disappointed. 

He didn't. But I suppose this probably mirrors the process of someone who's searching for their birth parents which may be a process sometimes fraught with difficulty. 

Nothing much happens in this book (which added to the disappointment) but I suppose this is the result of writing a book series - there has to be an explanation of the backstory somewhere and this was it. I must say though, that the illustrations are stellar. 

Children will probably enjoy it more than I did, especially if they loved the first book. Hopefully the next book will shed more light on who his birth parents are. 

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