Monday, February 16, 2015

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #1 - Why am I blue? by Melanie Lee

I finally got around to reading this book after so long. I was invited to the book launch by the author last year but was working and wasn't able to make it. But today, at the Woodlands Public Library, I finally laid my hands on this book. Not without a bit of difficulty. (It's under "English LEE" at the 10 - 12 Years section, not under Preschool.)

Anyway, it's a really simple and easy to read book with an engaging storyline. "Why am I blue" is about Squirky the alien who is part of the Lee family who one day discovers that he is quite different from his sister, a human. And the worst part of his mini existential crisis was that he felt so different from everyone at school because he was blue. 

But his parents reassures him that they love him and Daddy explains where he came from and how he got here. I was surprised to find myself tearing up on page 29 when Squirky wondered if he were alone, the only alien on this planet. This most heartwarming thing was when his mother comforts him and tells him that he wasn't because he was part of their family. 

This is a great resource for any family, whether they have adopted children or not. It will help to explain that there is more than one kind of family and that what's most important in one is the unconditional love and acceptance that a child should find in it. 

I can't wait to start on the second book which is what I'm exactly about to do!

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