Sunday, September 7, 2014

From the belly of the cat edited by Stephanie Ye

I bought this book months ago in March when I wandered into Books Actually for the very first time. They say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I threw caution to the wind and bought this book on impulse. 

I was not let down. This was such a compelling collection of short stories that I finished the entire volume in a single night. 

This is an anthology where the common thread running through all the stories are, as you would probably have guessed from the cover, something to do with cats. 

I enjoyed the stories where there was a touch of magical realism, the one that can be classified as Singaporean Sci Fi, the mellow ones set in the HDB heartland and more. This anthology is a rather rojak mix of stories from a diverse range of authors, some "established, award-winning authors", others "students for whom this is their first published work" as the Preface says. 

I reckon that this would make a purr-fect gift to cat-lovers who love to read. And even if you aren't partial to furry felines, it still makes for an entertaining evening of stories mostly set here in sunny Singapore. 


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