Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fill these hearts by Christopher West

This is by far one of the best books I've read about God and Sex. When you put these two words together, they make for a pretty volatile topic. With good reason. Christians are either prudish or prudish when it comes to this beautiful wonder God has created.

Well, using three different diets, the starvation diet, the fast food diet and the banquet, the author explains how the first represses and almost kills, the second indulges but doesn't satisfy and that the last is what God has planned for us.

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes that we need to aim our desire according to God's design so we can safely arrive at our eternal destiny: bliss and ecstasy in union with God and one another forever. And so he divides his book into three parts, namely, 

Part 1: Desire
Part 2: Design
Part 3: Destiny

What I felt was most relevant was the last couple of chapters. After the lengthy introduction of how we cannot suppress our desire and longing and the subsequent part of explaining how we are designed, the author ends with four great chapters:

Chapter 11: Chastity is a promise of immortality
Chapter 12: Freeing freedom
Chapter 13: Loving love
Chapter 14: To infinity and beyond

I loved the pop culture references and watched the YouTube video links. I felt they were really good anecdotes and metaphors on the topic at hand. In addition, the last few chapters explained clearly to me why we need to cherish our bodies and why chastity, a feared word in many circles, is essential to our sanity.

Promiscuity will ultimately never satisfy. We'd just want more and more and more.

God satisfies. Period.

Haha. It's tough to summarise how great this book is, one has to read it for himself or herself.

I would recommend EVERYONE out there to read this book. It's so awesome!
I thanked my aunt from New York for buying this great book for me once I finished it. She is so awesome. :)

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