Monday, March 4, 2013

The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen

I received this book as a Christmas gift from my counsellor Mabel. It's a slim volume comprising several journal entries by the late Henri Nouwen. For the uninitiated, he is a Catholic priest who authored many books on spirituality.

This was a book born out of great anguish and prayer, a fantastic combination if you ask me, yet a difficult process to endure. Anyway, this book came at a great time. I am going through a period of great anguish and his entries resonate deeply within my spirit. I even wrote a half-baked sonnet cos I was so touched one day.

The foreword did mention that it is a book to be read slowly because it was written so. Flying through the book will diminish its impact and one would fail to truly tap into the brilliant, Spirit-inspired insights that the author intended it to be. (I've only read through half the book but it's so good I decided to write a book review today.)

So, here's the sonnet, and here's to all who are experiencing great anguish and for those who are into books, this is one for you.

On Reading Henri Nouwen
by Rachel Tan

I am reading Henri Nouwen's great work
It is titled, 'The Inner Voice of Love'.
The book was his secret journal. God lurks
Within. Extreme anguish - set free like doves.

I've gleaned so much through his many pages
So much wisdom; such great sorrow he felt
So relevant to all groups and ages.
Freedom, so close, yet so far, this he smelt.

"Every time you do something that comes from 
Your needs for affection, affirmation
Doing something that makes these needs grow, um,
You know you aren't with God," this he mentions.

This was such incredible insight that
I took days to digest. God I thus met.

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