Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

I received this book as a 25th birthday present from my cell group friend, Debbie. She actually trawled this blog to find out if I had actually read this book before.

You can imagine how touched I was.

Took a pretty long time to finish the 14 chapters of this book. But that was because I wanted to savour it and make it last as long as I could.

It is THAT good.

Well, the legendary missionary Watchman Nee did not actually set out to write this book. It is just a compilation of his most brilliant sermons on the said topic - The Normal Christian Life.

The examples he uses are deceptively simple and targeted at the Asian mind.

Here is an excerpt:

"Shortly after my conversion I went out preaching in the villages. I had had a good education and was well verses in the Scriptures, so I considered myself thoroughly capable of instruction the village folk, among whom were quite a number of illiterate women. But after several visits I discovered that, despite their illiteracy, those women had an intimate knowledge of the Lord. I knew the Book that haltingly read; they knew the One of whom the Book spoke. I had much in myself; they had much in the Spirit. How many Christian teachers today are teaching others as I was then, very largely in the strength of their carnal equipment!"

Amazing isn't it?

I would recommend this book to Christians living in Asia and especially Chinese because he was based in China and had to simplify complex theology to the folks there many years ago. Nevertheless, the message of the Gospel still rings true.

In addition, it might take a slightly more seasoned Christian to read and digest this book. But anyone who's interested in living out The Normal Christian Life ought to read this brilliant exposition on it.

It's a work like no other.