Monday, January 28, 2013

The Threefold Nature of Man by Kenneth E. Hagin

I received this book as a gift from my friend Mei Ling when I paid a visit to her house and chanced on the book. She had another copy of it so she gave this to me for free. She got it from RHEMA Bible Training Centre for only $1. Amazing.

This book, which is more like a chapbook, talks in detail about the threefold nature of man - spirit, soul and body. In that order.

I was really blessed and educated between the difference between sprit and soul as I've always had a confusion between the two.

The author even includes a Question and Answer section right at the end of the book for those who might have any further questions.

I loved the section on hearing from God through the Spirit as that's something I'm constantly learning to do and his advice was really helpful. In fact, non-believers can also hone their spirit-man such that accurate predictions have been known to happen.

All in all, get this book if you are a Christian as it really helps you differentiate and distinguish and understand the three parts of yourself.