Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Clean Breast by Theresa Tan

Theresa is a friend I made on Twitter. She runs a blog at that I follow and it chronicles her journey of overcoming breast cancer.

She tweeted that she was in the process of writing and editing a book earlier this year which was due to be released in November. I was waiting in anticipation and when it was out, I got a friend to buy it for me as a birthday present.

I finished the book in one day. It is that good.

Theresa was an editor at various magazines and it shows in the writing. It is clear, easy to read and very, very witty at some points. 

Through the book, I learnt a lot about breast cancer, about DCIS or Stage 0 cancer, about early critical illness insurance coverage in Singapore, and more.

It is a very honest account of her experience and I really salute her for it.

The book also provides an insight into how cancer not just only affects the patient but the immediate family members and friends as well. At the end of the book, she got her husband and two children to express how they felt throughout the entire process. 

Go get it at any bookstore in Singapore in Kinokuniya, Popular or Times today.

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