Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The short stories and radio plays of S. Rajaratnam

I picked this book up from Kinokuniya after a friend, Theresa, tweeted about it. I got my hands on the last copy and was extremely pleased about it. This photo was taken at a bus stop along Orchard Road.

I must say that our former Minister of Culture is one great writer! The short stories are extremely well written and deserved to be placed in the same anthology as Tagore and co. I wish I could write half as well as him. It's amazing.

And the Radio Plays are really persuasive. They compel me to be a democratic citizen and to use my vote wisely. I would say that their objective has been met - to persuade. And Rajaratnam uses so many different authors to make his points in his radio plays it is no wonder he has such a huge collection of books - 5000 to be exact, now stored in the ISEAS library. 

I think every Singaporean should read this book to know a little more about how our country developed in its early days. Not everyone understood the importance of voting that's for sure.

Fantastic read!

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