Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to be led by the Sprit of God by Kenneth E. Hagin

I chanced upon this book at my friend's place when I was there visiting. The book caught my eye among the dozens it was lying with because of its title. I mean, which Bible-believing Christian wouldn't want to be led by the Holy Spirit?

So I borrowed it from my good friend and read it at the start of my devotion each night.

This book is a timely reminder on how to be led by the Holy Spirit. It talks and elaborates on 3 ways:

1. An inward witness
2. A still small voice
3. The voice of the Spirit

Points 2 and 3 may sound similar but after reading the book, you'll realize why they are different.

Kenneth Hagin also talks about how to be led by the Spirit in prayer and even in financial matters. The latter was just briefly touched upon though.

I'd recommend this great book to anyone who desires to be led by the Holy Spirit. It's an easy read, just the right length and it probably answers any questions you might have on the topic. It answered all of mine at least. :)

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