Monday, July 30, 2012

Jeremy Lin: The reason for the Linsanity by Timothy Dalrymple

I picked up this book from Popular bookstore as I often reward myself with a new book when my pay cheque arrives. The outlet at Jurong Point Shopping Centre had run out of Steve Job's biography. I chanced upon this book because my interest in Jeremy Lin had been piqued by the sports pages in the local paper.

This book is incredible! It traces the journey of Jeremy Lin from birth all the way to his education at Harvard, a stint in the D-League and finally the NBA. The author does all this in 7 chapters detailing the 7 miracle games in February as he intersperses the description of the game with the basketball star's life.

It really inspires me to live my Christian faith like Jeremy does. To work hard, be humble and do all for the "audience of one" as Jeremy puts it.

I'd encourage everyone to read it, even those who don't really know basketball. I have precious little knowledge on basketball jargon but the text just flows so smoothly I completed the book before using my iPhone's Merriam Webster app to find out what an "alley-oop" and a "turnover" was.

More than anything, this book chronicles the journey of the ultimate underdog - an Asian American Ivy Leaguer who made it big in the NBA.