Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet Mr. Smith by Eric & Leslie Ludy

I bought this book by accident at Tecman just last Saturday. I was purchasing "His Needs, Her Needs" for a friend in Hong Kong and as I was paying at the cashier, I was informed that there was a "Buy one get one free" promotion for Category D items. Meaning, the Dating Books Category.

After browsing through a few books, I decided on this because of the way it is written.

I read "God writes your love story" by the same authors and was deeply impacted by it.

And they do not disappoint. This book presents Sex in a different light. The book opens with Imposter Sex being confronted by Eric Ludy threatening to expose him. And then, he subsequently meets characters that would lead him to Great Sex.

I love how it is written in a conversational tone, using clever allegories not unlike A Pilgrim's Progress.

Well, for nothing else, if you'd like to discover God's plan for Great Sex, and if you've not been finding fulfillment in other means and methods you've tried so far, I'll guarantee you that this would be one great discovery.

A discovery of a lifetime!