Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marley and Me - Josh Grogan

Got this book from a small bookstore at Coronation Plaza last year when the film came out. Was an impulse buy cos I knew the owner and I thought since the movie was such a hit, the book shouldn't be too bad either.

Got through only chapter 1 last year, and finished it in one sleepless night a couple weeks ago. Not too bad. But I think dog lovers would like it more than me. Heartwarming though.

Too Busy Not to Pray - Bill Hybels

Bought this book at Attributes just before the week of morning prayer meetings at City Harvest Church. Did so cos I felt a little dried up in my prayer life.

Pastor Bill Hybels never fails to deliver. Love his conversational style and reading was a breeze. It was highly applicable too, immediately used ACTS - Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication to jumpstart my prayers. So that they can be balanced.

Love his humour too. Dispersed throughout the book, it'll bring a grin to the most depressed person.

Grab a copy today. The 20th anniversary one :) Tells you it's one evergreen book.
My tip is to read and pray as you feel led instead of finishing the whole book at one sitting like I did. Chapters, like meals, are always easier digested in bite sized portions and exercised.