Friday, April 3, 2009

Understanding the Power and Purpose of Prayer - Myles Monroe

I bought this book sometime back at Attributes bookstore cos I wanted to learn more about how to pray. There was so many books available, I didn't know what to choose. So I just picked this one because it says "National Best-Seller" on my copy, even though the photo I uploaded says "Best-Selling Author". Same thing really.

Anyway, it is surprisingly good. If you attend City Harvest Church, this book is really a condensed, power-packed version of Pastor Kong's sermons on prayer. Its like a sermon and Foundation Truths series combined man.

It has 12 Chapters on the different aspects of prayer, and they are sorted into 4 main categories:
1. The Purpose and Priority of Prayer
2. Preparing for Prayer
3. Principles of Prayer
4. The Power of Prayer

And I love the fact that each chapter ends with a prayer, some questions to ask yourself on your prayer life and positive action steps you can take, and finally, a quick summary of the main points covered in the chapter.

Awesome stuff! I kept thinking to myself, "What a great book!" even as I was reading it. Some of the things I already knew, and it was a positive reinforcement and a timely revision, some of the things Dr Monroe talks about are new to me. Like symbols in the Bible. Very interesting.

I encourage every Christian to buy it. And read it thrice. Every chapter is so concise and has so much info that I can barely digest it in one sitting. Read it over 12 days if you're a fast reader, or over 12 weeks for a moderate one.

But most importantly, don't just read, but apply the concepts learnt in your life man. You'll begin to see prayers getting answered as you begin to understand what prayer is really about and how to pray effectively.

This is really good stuff!

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