Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vacuum Diagrams - Stephen Baxter

Many thanks to my classmate Thet who lent me this book the day before the start of Chinese New Year. And I spent most of the 4 day holiday rushing to finish the book. I must say that it is a really awesome science fiction book. In a class of its own man.

First off, unlike other science fiction novellas or novels that dwell briefly on a couple of scientific concepts, inventing most of the stuff and lacing it all over with jargon, this one really embraces physics like I've never seen before. Here and there we see mention of photinos, dark matter, Godel's theorem, the famous Schrodinger and more!

Lovely stuff, it traces the story of a universe from around A.D. 4000 to A.D. 4 000 000. That's right, 4 million years into the future. Haha awesome stuff. Initially I read it with a tinge of skepticism, knowing that it was unlikely that we could ever find life other than humans and other creation on planet Earth that God specially created. However, as I embraced the story, it was really cool to see how broad the human imagination can be. Common grace at work here.

I love the various chapters and all. But a word of warning, all the physics might prove too overwhelming for a layman, I thank NUS and my teachers for my physics knowledge to appreciate this book.