Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Morning, Holy Spirit - Benny Hinn

My birthday present from a fellow Attributes member, Yi Fei, this book was what I wanted to read for a long time. I have heard so much about it, that high expectations for this book had been built up over the months. And when I finally laid my eyes on it, Benny Hinn certainly delivers! With the anointing of God in his words and testimony.

It is so much more than a handbook to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This book chronicles the childhood of Benny Hinn and the migration of his family from Israel to Canada. I was captivated by the power of God that worked in his life, and more than that, the sure possibility that the very same God can work the same miracles in our lives as well too. If only we allow Him to.

Reading is not as good as application of the advice dispensed. Time and again, he reminds us that we gotta seek God and we will find him. The boy with the bicycle manual will never learn how to ride, even if he read it a million times, if he doesn't get on the bike at all. So we must set our hearts to seek after God, to pray for the presence of God, His Holy Spirit to come to us, and He will surely grant our prayers.

As Katherine Kulman was a powerful influence in the life of young Benny Hinn, so is he to our lives today. It is a great book and an essential one to every Christian today. So pick up a copy today!

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